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Revolutionary gas torch in french
Revolutionary BLOW TORCH
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This Blow torch-heat gun is a two in one tool. It incorporates a heat gun that preheats the air before combustion! The air is preheated at 650°C and a part of it is used for preheating the gas, while the rest is used for the actual combustion. Therefore, this torch allows for a flame temperature of 2300°C without using such gases as oxygene or acetylene. All you need is   a simple cylinder of butane or propane and an electric socket,  and you’ll be able to braze and even braze-weld.

You will be able to do all kinds of plumbery brazing, including on very large diametres, like the 44 mm for example!

This BLOW TORCH’s patented nozzle allows for an equally distributed temperature, which makes brazing so much easier for do-it-yourselfers like us. You will no longer turn anxiously around the tube, fearing that you might pierce through it because of excessive heat.

Brazing is now a piece of cake.

And braze-welding iron will not be a problem either, because the temperature is largely sufficient.

This gas torch is the ideal partner for all DIY-ers who don’t want to invest a heap of money in a oxyacetylene torch or pay 80 euros for refills. Bottled gas is ten times cheaper than oxygene and acetylene.

The other function of this great tool is that you can use it as a heat gun. Thanks to the microprocessor that regulates temperature with great accuracy, you will be able to work on plastic without burning through it. The adjustment wheel and the control leds will help you set the temperature with great precision. You can even sand wood without burning it!

Cup of the Mayor of Paris, Lepine Concour 2006 for the Revolutionary BLOW TORCH
Cup of the Mayor of Lyon, light Concour 2006 for the Révolutionary BLOW TORCH
Golden Medal contest Lepine European 2004 for the Révolutionary BLOW TORCH
Gold medal, competition Lepine Paris 2006 for the Révolutionary BLOW TORCH
Gold medal, competition Lepine Strasbourg 2006  for the Révolutionary BLOW TORCH

BLOW TORCH features:

- flame temerature: 2300°C

- high brazing capacity: copper, silver, aluminum etc.

- braze-welding capacity: steel/brass plated steel, coated bronze!

- paint burning: hot air on wood and flame on steel

- hot air temperature controled by microprocessor.

- preheating temperature: adjustable from 60 to 650°C

- resistor: nickel-chromium-aluminum on a ceramic core

- output: adjustable from 250 to 500 litres/minute

- display: LCD

- investment: <220 euros

- weight of the Blowtorch: 1.5 kg

- gas type: butane or propane

- input voltage: 220-240 volts

- electrical power: 2000 watts

- packaging: cardboard box or polypropylene case

- warranty: 1 year covering material and labour

- Customer Support: Customer Support is assured for all the components.

Contents: the blowtorch-heat gun is delivered with an electric cord of 2 metres and a hose of 2.50 metres.

(In red: new features introduced on the Professional version)


Révolutionary gas torch in card board box

Packaging:       polypropylene case

Ref.: LC2000-Prov  227.90 taxes inc.

Révolutionary gas torch in polypropylene case

Who are we?

ONLYGAZ ,fabricant du Chalumeau

This youtube video presents the new version LC2000-PRO blow Torch which is compatible with a professional use.

SARL Onlygaz 20 rue de la Motte 62250 Marquise
               Tel::03 21 30 95 26 Fax :03 21 30 91 16

Gas torch made in france

Packaging:       cardboard box

Ref.: LC2000-Pro  211.60 taxes inc.

Revolutionary gas torch in french
gaz toch patented
Revolutionary BLOW TORCH

 Download (user manual)

This youtube video presents the first version of Blowtorch in 2003


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